All That Is Needed

Pure contentment. That feeling that all is right with the world.

With so many challenges and trials of life, often contentment is replaced by grumbling, complaining, feelings of dissatisfaction and emptiness. This past year, I confess I have experienced more of the latter than the former.

But recently, I gazed into my living room- my own little world -and I glanced upon what was right and beautiful and amazing about my life.

Not an extremely out-of-the ordinary evening – but I’ve found that family time gets more scattered as children get older and our lives get busier, as little people grow and develop their own friendships. But this night, my family was all in one place. Even my special-needs son, who for so long would not stay in the room during family time.  A little thing that many take for granted, but to which others can relate.

As I was  finishing up the dinner dishes (actually just stacking them to do later as not to miss this precious time), scooping ice cream and ever-so-sneakingly squirting sweet-boy’s meds in his (don’t judge me, it’s the only way he’ll take it)-  I stopped.

And I breathed a prayer of thanks to the Lord.  I absorbed the feeling of all-is-right-with-the world. I let out sigh of praise. For the moment. For being able to serve my family.  For being where I love, with those I love.

I handed out bowls and then I fed my precious little boy ice cream laced with Amoxicillin. Then I snuggled up next to my youngest and took out some knitting.  A movie played but my husband was the only one really watching.  My oldest son did schoolwork, my daughter scrolled on her phone until she fell asleep, my youngest watched football videos on my phone that has no sound and my sweet boy began to doze off next to his daddy.

But we were together in the moment. I have set a goal this year to be more intentional. To live fully in each moment God has given me. To be content whatever the circumstances. .  Discontentment seethes of ungratefulness. And I have so much to be grateful for.

Like most of us, I get so distracted and preoccupied with life.  I am like Martha when Jesus said, “You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Many times, it’s about choosing what is better.  Though there was still much to be done and always more waiting, this was what was better.

And as I lingered in the presence of my treasures in the room that night, I realized it’s not about the activity taking place. It’s about presence.

My presence. My family’s presence. God’s presence.  Nothing else is needed.

Pure contentment.